Frequently Asked Questions


We understand this is a difficult time to navigate and we’re here to help you understand the different pathways that wrongful termination can take.

How long before an attorney contacts me?

Depending on the merits of the case and statute of limitations, attorneys may reach out to you as early as 72 hours upon receiving your signed terms and conditions.

Am I responsible for paying the money back?

There are no upfront costs for our clients. We fund your entire case on a contingency basis, which means that we only collect our fee based on the case’s successful settlement.

Do you think I have a case?

We are a litigation finance company, and our focus is on advocating for individuals like yourself who may have been wronged by employers. We are not attorneys and cannot decide on whether or not “you have a case”; however, we will share your information with some of the best attorneys in the state so they can make that determination.

Can I take some time to look over the terms and conditions?

Absolutely! But remember, the sooner we get this, the sooner we can share your information with the attorneys. Most cases have a statute of limitations, and we would hate to miss any deadlines that could toss/invalidate your claim. Again, this is a walk-away-deal, so if you sign it immediately and have a change of heart after your free consultation with an attorney, then let us know, and we will revoke it.

Will you notify my employer?

No California Employee Advocates will never contact your employer or former employer. We recommend that our clients don’t share that they are considering a lawsuit with anyone to avoid jeopardizing their case. Once you retain an attorney, let them do the speaking for you.

I am an independent contractor and have been terminated. Do I have a case?

Give us a call to get more information about your situation and have an attorney review it. There may be certain circumstances where individuals classified as “independent contractors” can have a case.

I have a labor board or EEOC complaint; do you help with that?

We finance various employment cases; give us a call so we can get more information and have an attorney review it.