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Wrongful Termination

No one deserves to be wrongfully terminated. It’s important to have the right team behind you.


Sexual Harassment

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace can be incredibly stressful and emotionally draining.



You should not be discriminated against for anything, and we’re here to help you through this process.

Family and Medical Leave Violation

Laws are put in place to protect employees and their rights, and they should not be violated. 

Wage and Hour Litigation

Did your employer cheat you out of what you deserve? Don’t stand for less than what you are worth. 

Breach of Employment Contract

A contract was signed for a reason, don’t let the other party breach or back out of it. 

We're Here and Believe In You

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Dedicated to Protecting Employee Rights

Our commitment to helping California workers fight for their rights is fueled by an experienced management team deeply experienced in workplace law and forensic accounting. Our proprietary tools and technology help us optimize your claim at a rate and speed that has historically not been possible.


We Give You Personal Attention

At California Employee Advocates, the people that come our way are given 100% of our attention from the beginning, middle, and end. 

We'll Fund Your Litigation

Lawyers are expensive and costs start to pile up. As our gift to you, we’ll suppor the costs of your legal fees to ensure you get the best care. 

No Out Of Pocket Cost For You

As your employee advocate, it’s our job to make sure you’re taken care of with not even a dime missing from your wallet.

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