So, you’ve realized that your employer has wrongfully terminated your employment. You did all the research and weighed the pros and cons of filing a case. All that’s left to do is finding the best lawyer to guide you through the process. 

You may be tempted to file a wrongful termination suit on your own, but this is a complicated legal proceeding. Some cases can be settled out of court for a sizable settlement with a skilled attorney, avoiding further distress and court costs. Alternatively, if your case does end up having to go before a jury, you want someone trusted on your side. Litigation is one thing you want to leave up to the professionals.

How do you find someone to guide you in this sensitive time in your life? 

Finding The Best Lawyer


While you are searching for the perfect lawyer, your friends and family might have some suggestions. Keep in mind; you need a lawyer who has specific experience in wrongful termination lawsuits. The best divorce lawyer in the world won’t be much help to you. 

When speaking with potential attorneys for your case, ask them about their experience with wrongful termination suits. Alternatively, you could also seek out a practice that focuses exclusively on wrongful termination suits. Your attorney’s experience in the matter could be a deciding factor in the settlement amount you receive. 


The cornerstone of any successful relationship is trust; this is no different in an attorney-client relationship. Keep in mind that you will have to share personal, perhaps painful, details with this person. You need to feel like they are entirely on your side. Together, you gather all the evidence of any discrimination leading to your wrongful termination. 


When considering if an attorney has the right personality to work well with, ask yourself a few questions. Do I feel like this person is listening to me? Do I feel like they have a willingness to work with me? Did they answer all my questions in a way I understand? It’s important to feel like they are listening to you and that your communication styles mesh.


You will need to have a discussion with your attorney about how they bill. Most will bill hourly for time spent discussing and working on your case. Others will have a flat fee. While your settlement may entitle you to attorney fees, you still want to be diligent. 

Other standard fee arrangements include working on a retainer or a contingency fee. A retainer will be a fee paid upfront. A contingency fee is when a lawyer will be paid a portion of the settlement. This way, you can skirt a lot of the upfront costs and expenses of hiring an attorney. 

Choosing the wrong lawyer can have a devastating financial impact. Be involved in the choosing of your attorney, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do your research, work out a payment structure, and you will be well on your way to winning your wrongful termination case.